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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why in the world would I choose to start a blog when I have two kids and a business?

Welcome to share wellness! Yes, my life is full, really full and busy and I have chosen to start this site to share my passion for wellness, health, nutrition, and fitness. Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of information on these subjects (which, by the way, I believe should be shared freely, as in for free!) and I share bits and pieces with friends and family as the subject comes up. I'm not really the type to shove information down people's throat and be preachy, so the blog gives me a chance to share to a mass audience and everyone has a choice to take or leave the information, share more information, ask questions, disagree if they must, share resources, make this site more interesting by sharing from their own experiences and be a part in building this blog. I must confess that as of today, I am not in the best shape in any area of my life (mind, body or spirit) but I hope to use this blog as an accountability partner and a gauge for my recovery. I am much better at the written word than at the spoken word and since I won't be publishing a book anytime soon, this is the next best thing. Honestly, this is quite ambitious for me since our family is homeschooling, we run a chiropractic practice (see our site and we are involved in church ( and our community. I hope this blog will encourage you to live a life of wellness.