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Friday, October 30, 2009

Answers to Your Questions

Patients and friends of Soft Touch Chiropractic and Acupuncture gathered to learn about anti-aging strategies through chiropractic, acupuncture and NLP. We had a great time practicing Qigong together, talking about wellness and learning how to change our posture for better health. Please feel free to comment and ask follow up questions right here on this blog. TO POST A COMMENT OR QUESTION, look to the bottom of this post and click on the word Comment.

Thank you all for making this a great seminar and we hope to see you again in January at the detox seminar

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Where can we get the Qigong DVD showed at the seminar?

A: We purchased our copy through The name of the program is Ken Cohen Qigong Training Course. This course includes 8 CDs and two workbooks. If you are interested in something less costly and easier to get a hold of, we suggest you look on We found an excellent video, although it is lengthy. You can find it by searching for Discovering Qigong on youtube. The video is posted by the National Qigong Association.

2. Does a man's hormones react differently than a woman's hormones under stress?

A: Yes. Women seem to be more sensitive to cortisol (the stress hormone) after the end of their menstrual cycle, due to the fluctuation of progesterone and estrogen.

3. My legs hurt if I stand for short periods. I feel I have to move constantly or else it's uncomfortable. Why?

A: It is possible that you have an obstruction in the nerve root of your low back L3, L4, L5 and S1. The cause of obstruction could be loss of disc height or a bulging disc. The cause can be determined by an MRI.

4. Where can I learn more about Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)?

A: You are welcome to book and appointment with Ruth for an introductory NLP session. You can learn more on line on this page We found the explanation to be short enough to not bore anyone with details, but long enough so that it gives good background info on NLP.

5. How can you coordinate your body systems? Is there a book you can recommend?

A: The best way to coordinate the body's systems is through the nervous system. Our body goes through micro or macro traumas each day, whether through habits or injuries. Those traumas could interfere with the nervous system. These interferences show up in our joints, muscles and bones; bones can become misaligned, muscles can spasm or lose tone, joints can swell up or become unstable. All these interferences, separately or together, can create obstruction to the nervous system. By removing these obstructions, we can ensure that the nervous system functions at its maximum potential. There are other obstructions or interferences, like chemical interferences, caused by ingestion of drugs, food contamination (i.e. pesticides, insecticides) or through chemicals in beverages like aspartame, also through the overload of sugar, or lastly through enzyme or vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamins B. Last but not least, emotional interferences can also cause obstruction in the nervous system. Stress, for example, can translate into hormone interferences through the release of cortisol. Stress can also cause loss of muscle tone and posture thus creating a physical interference. Chiropractic can help remove musculoskeletal interferences. Improving your nutrition can begin to remove the chemical interferences. NLP can help you to help yourself with eliminating emotional interferences.

We recommend the following books to learn more about coordinating the body's systems: Chiropractic First (you can pick up a copy of this book in our office), Natural Healing by Jack Soltanoff, DC.

6. I seem to contract with the touch, will chiropractic still help me?

A: Yes, chiropractic will help you. If you contract with touch, you have a special need for chiropractic and can benefit greatly from regular joint mobilization and also from non-force chiropractic techniques. Non-force techniques are designed for people who are emotionally reluctant to manual adjustments, for people with osteoporosis or those who are sensitive to touch.

7. During the seminar Ruth shared about how her mom changed her eating habits and was able to reverse arthritis and is now living pain-free. The question is, how did she change her diet? or better yet, what did she change her diet to?

A: My mom followed a modified detox plan outlined in the book There is a Cure for Arthritis by Dr. Paavo Airola, available through amazon. I outlined some of the details in earlier entries in this blog. See parts 1-3 of Food Can and Does Heal. This is a subject we will briefly touch on in our January seminar.

We look forward to more questions and comments from you. See below for details about our next seminar.


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