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Friday, February 19, 2010

We're not even close to finishing!

There were so many great questions submitted during the seminar that we've taken the time to do a little research in order to answer all of them.  Here we go...

Q: Acai pills?  Beneficial
A: Yes, and we recommend that you add them to a nutrition plan that includes mostly fruits and vegetables.

Q: Foot detox ....body detox?
A: During the seminar, we showed everyone how to use an ion detox spa, where one soaks the feet for 30 minutes and toxins are pulled from the body via the feet.  The manufacturer of the spa recommends that a person use the spa once a week.  There are different spas for sale out there so if you decide to buy an ion spa, make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommended use.

We also showed a line of body products that are used for weekly detox through the skin.  The line is made with ingredients from the sea.  They are made by Arbonne International.  This line is intended to detox the body while giving the user a spa experience at home.  The set includes bath soak, body wash, body and face mask, detox oil, hair mask, a body scrub, remineralizing lotion and body gel.  All of the products are botanically based and contain no toxic chemicals of any kind.

Q: Meat, can you blend?
A: Hmmmmm? yes, if you really wanted to but I don't recommend it.  I want to be clear about the fact that during the three week detox a person eliminates meat from their diet completely, so it would not be a part of their blended meals.

Q: Is a blended meal only fruit/veggies?
A: Yes

Q: Carbs?  What kind?
A:  During the detox you can relax and enjoy your meals without counting carbs, calories, figuring out what kind of carbs to eat and not to eat.  If you follow the three week detox as outlined in your handout, you will get all the nutrition you need and you will be eliminting harmful toxins out of your body.

Q: Proteins? What kind?
A: Great question.  There are many ways to get protein in your diet during the detox.  Here's a list.

PROTEIN IN LEGUMES: Garbanzo beans, Kidney beans, Lentils, Lima beans, Navy beans, Soybeans, Split peas
PROTEIN IN GRAINS: Barley, Brown rice, Buckwheat, Millet, Oatmeal, Quinoa, Rye, Wheat germ, Wheat, hard red, Wild rice
VEGETABLE PROTEIN: Artichokes, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Green peas, Green pepper, Kale, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Mustard green, Onions, Potatoes, Spinach, Tomatoes, Turnip greens, Watercress, Yams, Zucchini
PROTEIN IN FRUITS: Apple, Banana, Cantaloupe, Grape, Grapefruit, Honeydew melon, Orange, Papaya, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Strawberry, Tangerine, Watermelon
PROTEIN IN NUTS AND SEEDS: Almonds, Cashews, Filberts, Hemp Seeds, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Walnuts (black)

One excellent ingredient to look for is hemp seed protein. Hemp seed is a nutritious dietary source of easily digestible gluten-free protein. It provides a well-balanced array of all the amino acids, including 34.6 grams of protein for each 100 grams. The fatty acid profile of the hemp seed is extremely beneficial, containing omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in a virtually ideal ratio. Other beneficial aspects of hemp seed include a strongly favorable unsaturated-to-saturated fat ratio; a high content of antioxidants; and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Q: Fruits to stay away from?
A: None that I can think of except if you know you are allergic to a specific fruit.  If you are diabetic, you may want to check with Dr. Masoud to talk about fruits that are high in sugar content and how to manage that.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Video of Detox Seminar

It is taking me a lot longer than I expected to answer all the questions that came up at the seminar! So in the meantime, I am posting video of the seminar so you can review the information and well....ask more questions if you need to.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What does one eat and do during a three week detox?

During our seminar we gave out very detailed instructions on how to do a three week detox using only nutritious food.  Here are some questions that arised from that discussion.

Q: Uncooked dinner/lunch?
A: Yes, during the last two weeks of the detox you will have all raw meals; that means you want to get creative with fruits and veggies.  In the handout you have recipes for a morning smoothie and also for an energy soup which is a vegetable smoothie.  The solid uncooked meal can be anything from a salad (but no boring iceberg please, make it interesting for yourself) to a prepared raw meal (you can get these at Wholefoods) or you may want to experiment with some recipes for a raw meal.  Here is a video on how to make raw pasta marinara.  It is super easy and fast to prepare.

Q:  Exercise/water?
A: During the three weeks of the detox, the body will be working to push toxins out so it is normal for a person to feel a bit more tired than normal, however we highly recommend 15-30 minutes of gentle exercise (yoga, walking, Qi gong) but no strenuous excercise.  Drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

Q: Intense work schedule?
A: If your job is highly demanding and your work schedule is intense, you may consider 1) is this job really worth your health? 2) how can you make your schedule less intense so that you have time to take care of your body?  The beauty of the three week detox is that, for the last two weeks, you can blend your meals in the morning, put them in glass bottles and take them with you; there is no cooking, no preparing, no dishes to wash!!  Remeber that you can drink as many smoothies and as much soup as necessary to keep you satisfied.  No calorie counting, no carb counting, just enjoy your meals.

Q: What to do for caffeine/energy?
A:  The whole point of doing the detox is to kick the caffeine addiction.  You will feel much more energetic after you finish the detox, if you have followed the steps appropriately.  The body is not designed to get energy from caffeine or another substance, it is designed to get its energy from the food that we eat.  It is unfortunate that the foods available to us are so poor in real nutrients and so high in addictive substances.  Substitute a cup of coffee with a tall glass of energy soup!  If you really miss the taste and warmth of coffee, I sugegs you try Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma tea.  It smells like chocolate at first and if you let it brew a few minutes, it will resemble a cup of coffee.  This saved me personally from my own addiction to caffeine.

Q: Coffee substitute?
A. Roastaroma, like I mentioned.  There is also a tea called Yerba Mate.  It is less like coffee but it does have a bit of resemblance.

Q: Smoothie = how many oz.?  Ice?
A: Drink as much as it takes to satisfy you.  We don't recommend ice because it is best to keep the internal body temperature balanced, although if you are using frozen fruit in your smoothie you are getting a bit of a chill already.

Q: What is a blended meal?
A: A blended meal is a smoothie or a soup of blended vegetables.  Yes, you will need a powerful blender because carrots, beets and turnips don't blend so easy, but we managed to find a really good industrial type blender at Target for $60.00.  There are some pretty expensive machines out there, but for anyone doing the detox or just beginning to prepare raw food, we found the inexpensive blender works just fine.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Other interesting questions

Q: Trader Joe's detox vs. Wholefoods detox
A: Hmmm...neither Dr. Masoud or I have tried these detox methods so we can't speak from personal expeience.  I personally have tried herbal detox formulas and I have had mediocre results in comparison to the three week detox we taught at the seminar.  The herbal fomulas are great for cleansing the bowels and in some cases the liver and gall bladder, however it doesn't help with overcoming addictions to toxic foods.  These formulas should be used on a seasonal basis as they contain an herb called cascara sagrada which helps to move the bowels, but if it is used too often the bowels get used to the herb doing the work for them and after going off the herbs the bowels will take a log time to start moving properly on their own.

Q: Colon/fiber pills?
A: At the seminar we mentioned a colon cleanse from Arbonne that can be used seasonally.  These pills are similar to detox formula.  If you are needing more fiber in your diet we suggest green leafy vegetables and other vegetables high in fiber instead of pills.  Your body will make good use of all the nutrition and bowel movements will become more regular.  One great way to clear your colon is to start having Energy Soup once a day.  The recipe for the soup is in the handout from the seminar.

Q: Dark/cocoa chocolate?  Trader Joe's brand?
A: We have all heard of the great antioxidant properties in cacao, right?  Here's the key, you won't get all the great nutrition unless you are using RAW CACAO.  No processed chocolate will have the high antioxidant nutrition that you will get from raw cacao.  You gotta trust us on this.  We hope you can come to the next seminar in April; we will have chocolate made from raw cacao for everyone to test out.  It is truly heavenly.  See the detail below for the details of the next seminar.

Q: Where can you buy raw cacao?
A: Wholefoods or online at  Here is a great educational video on the benefits of raw cacao. 

Presented by Soft Touch Chiropractic and Acupuncture
April 3, 2010
9:30am - 12:30pm
Register online at
$20 before April 2 and $25 at the door

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Acidic vs. Alkaline

Q: What do you mean by acidic environment?  What do you mean by alkaline environment?
A: The environment is our body and the pH in the body can be either acidic or alkaline.  Our bodies function best when it is more alkaline; so we want to favor foods that the will keep the pH of the body more alkaline than acidic.

Q: Can certain foods help to make blood less acid and make hemoglobin flow freely?
A: Yes!  Thank goodness!  During our seminar you saw a video of red blood cells in a very acidic environment.  The cells were stuck together like rolls of coins (not a good thing at all).  The blood of the subject becomes more alkaline over time and the cells begin to flow freely.  The subject was on a daily dose or goji berries.  Other foods that help the body stay alkaline are green leafy vegetables, preferably fresh rather than cooked.  The superfoods listed on the handout you received at the seminar are also very good to keep you alkaline. To prevent acidity stay away from meat and dairy.

Q: What do you mean by oxidation?
A: Oxidation is when the body produces free radicals due to the escape of an extra electron in a cell.  The electron that escaped is called a free radical.  When the free radical attaches itself to a cell, it oxidizes it, thus damaging it.  Oxidation is similar to burning. The escape is caused by a chemical reaction in the body.  This happens all the time.  Our bodies naturally have antioxidants that combat free radicals, but when our bodies are more acidic the number of antioxidants decreases so the ratio of antioxidants to free raticals is in the favor of free radicals.  This is why it is important to stay alkaline and eat foods rich in antioxidants.

Q: What is the best brand of bottled water; should we pay attention to the pH of the water.
A: If you are traveling and have no other choice but bottled water, we recommend that you choose water that comes in a glass bottle.  If you can find glacier water in a glass bottle, it's even better.  At home we recommend you boil water, let it cool and then filter it.  Yes, the pH of the water is important.  You want to choose water that is more alkaline.  Unfortunately, much of the bottled water available tends to be acidic.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Questions on Nutrition

Q: Other than salmon, what is the best way to get omega 3 fats for our body?
A: Flax is a great way to get omega 3.  The oil is easy to use as a salad dressing.  The seeds can be put into your cereal.  If you have a dehydrator here's a quick and easy recipe for crackers.  Some of you had these at the seminar:

  1. Soak flax seeds for 8 hours minimum
  2. The seeds will produce a bit of oil and they will be pasty after soaking
  3. Add braggs aminos and fresh lemon juice to taste
  4. Place the mixture on dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 105 degrees overnight.
This is a super easy recipe for a delicious snack.

Q: Are artificial sweetners such as aspartame worse or better than sugar?
A. Worse.  Our bodies are not meant to digest chemicals such as aspartame which is in artificial sweeteners and diet soda.  The word "artificial" gives the indication that nature did not intend for us to ingest it.  In the case of aspartame, its original use was for chemical warfare.  Some far superior alternatives to sugar are stevia, xylitol and agave nectar; these are all considered superfoods.

Q: Doesn't lack of iodine cause goiters?  So if we shouldn't eat iodized salt then is there a brand of iodized salt, that is good for us? (w/o the chemicals)
A: You are correct, iodine is essential for our health.  In the case of table salt, the problem is what is not in it as much as what is in it.  What is not in it are the vital minerals that are taken from it; what it does have is chlorine, sometimes sugar and other toxins.  Celtic sea salt is rich in minerals, it contains some iodine, but not significant amounts.  If you have a personal concern about getting enough iodine in your diet, you can supplement with liquid iodine or eat seaweed (e.g. kelp) or fish once a week.  We personally like to have raw kelp noodles with a pesto sauce once a week.  You can learn more specifics on iodine here:

Q: Is sprouted bread good for you?
A: If you absolutely must have bread, sprouted flourless bread is much better than regular wheat bread. The reason why sprouted bread is better is because the sprouted grains and legumes used for the bread contain more minerals and vitamins as they become alive in the sprouting process.  Many sprouted breads are made from organically grown grains which is really the best.  For the purposes of the detox, we recommend that all breads are eliminted; we personally chose to permanently eliminate all breads out of our diet because all the nutrition we get comes from the fruits, vegetables and superfoods we consume.  We sometimes make raw bread which takes care of our need for a heftier meal.

Q: Are steel cut oats good for you?
A: Yes, they are better for you than instant oats or boxed cereal.  Instant oats have their nutrition stripped from them in the processing and flavored instant aotmeal contains lots of sugar and sodium.  Steel cut outs take a little longer to cook, but they are better nutritiously.  They are also very versatile, you can have them with just about any kind of fruit, agave nectar or xylitol for a sweet flavoring, nuts, dates or raisins.

Q: Why no dairy?  If so, what kind?
A: For the purposes of the detox, it is essential that all animal products be eliminated from a diet.  We personally have not found any dairy products that are essential for daily nutrition.  Much of the dairy products available come from animals that have been treated with hormones and antibiotics which in turn end up in the products people consume; those are toxins that the body sometimes holds onto for months or years.  This can lead to serious health problems.

Q:  How effective are liquid iron supplements?
A: Very effective.