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Friday, February 5, 2010

Other interesting questions

Q: Trader Joe's detox vs. Wholefoods detox
A: Hmmm...neither Dr. Masoud or I have tried these detox methods so we can't speak from personal expeience.  I personally have tried herbal detox formulas and I have had mediocre results in comparison to the three week detox we taught at the seminar.  The herbal fomulas are great for cleansing the bowels and in some cases the liver and gall bladder, however it doesn't help with overcoming addictions to toxic foods.  These formulas should be used on a seasonal basis as they contain an herb called cascara sagrada which helps to move the bowels, but if it is used too often the bowels get used to the herb doing the work for them and after going off the herbs the bowels will take a log time to start moving properly on their own.

Q: Colon/fiber pills?
A: At the seminar we mentioned a colon cleanse from Arbonne that can be used seasonally.  These pills are similar to detox formula.  If you are needing more fiber in your diet we suggest green leafy vegetables and other vegetables high in fiber instead of pills.  Your body will make good use of all the nutrition and bowel movements will become more regular.  One great way to clear your colon is to start having Energy Soup once a day.  The recipe for the soup is in the handout from the seminar.

Q: Dark/cocoa chocolate?  Trader Joe's brand?
A: We have all heard of the great antioxidant properties in cacao, right?  Here's the key, you won't get all the great nutrition unless you are using RAW CACAO.  No processed chocolate will have the high antioxidant nutrition that you will get from raw cacao.  You gotta trust us on this.  We hope you can come to the next seminar in April; we will have chocolate made from raw cacao for everyone to test out.  It is truly heavenly.  See the detail below for the details of the next seminar.

Q: Where can you buy raw cacao?
A: Wholefoods or online at  Here is a great educational video on the benefits of raw cacao. 

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April 3, 2010
9:30am - 12:30pm
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