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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Acidic vs. Alkaline

Q: What do you mean by acidic environment?  What do you mean by alkaline environment?
A: The environment is our body and the pH in the body can be either acidic or alkaline.  Our bodies function best when it is more alkaline; so we want to favor foods that the will keep the pH of the body more alkaline than acidic.

Q: Can certain foods help to make blood less acid and make hemoglobin flow freely?
A: Yes!  Thank goodness!  During our seminar you saw a video of red blood cells in a very acidic environment.  The cells were stuck together like rolls of coins (not a good thing at all).  The blood of the subject becomes more alkaline over time and the cells begin to flow freely.  The subject was on a daily dose or goji berries.  Other foods that help the body stay alkaline are green leafy vegetables, preferably fresh rather than cooked.  The superfoods listed on the handout you received at the seminar are also very good to keep you alkaline. To prevent acidity stay away from meat and dairy.

Q: What do you mean by oxidation?
A: Oxidation is when the body produces free radicals due to the escape of an extra electron in a cell.  The electron that escaped is called a free radical.  When the free radical attaches itself to a cell, it oxidizes it, thus damaging it.  Oxidation is similar to burning. The escape is caused by a chemical reaction in the body.  This happens all the time.  Our bodies naturally have antioxidants that combat free radicals, but when our bodies are more acidic the number of antioxidants decreases so the ratio of antioxidants to free raticals is in the favor of free radicals.  This is why it is important to stay alkaline and eat foods rich in antioxidants.

Q: What is the best brand of bottled water; should we pay attention to the pH of the water.
A: If you are traveling and have no other choice but bottled water, we recommend that you choose water that comes in a glass bottle.  If you can find glacier water in a glass bottle, it's even better.  At home we recommend you boil water, let it cool and then filter it.  Yes, the pH of the water is important.  You want to choose water that is more alkaline.  Unfortunately, much of the bottled water available tends to be acidic.

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