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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raw Food Resources

I've received many questions about where I get my recipes for raw food meals.  I always say, stick to simple recipes that you can find on youtube so that it isn't overwhelming, but often times, this answer is not enough.  So to satisfy the curiosity, here are the books I use.

This book by Juliano is for those who have been tinkering with raw recipes and are ready to start sprouting and dehydrating.  There is a sprouting time guide and he also gives advice on what equipment to have in your kitchen.

This volume is more than a recipe book, it is a lifestyle guide.  The book gets very personal with the authors sharing stories from their own lives' journeys into the raw food worls.  Both of them are trained chefs in the cooked food world and transfered their skills to raw.  It is entertaining to read and the recipes are works of art.  I use their recipes when I am in the mood for a fancy new dish or trying new ingredients.

Now there are many other raw food recipe books that I haven't tested out yet, but I will recommend because they come with high marks or I have seen the author's work in another venue like another book,  video or the internet.  Here they are:

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