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Monday, January 18, 2010

Detoxing In the New Year

Although detoxing isn't at the top of most people's resolutions lists, our family is doing its best to help others learn how important it is to detox as well as practical ways to detox. My husband and I taught yet another successful seminar this past Saturday. The turn out was fantastic, the participants were curious and we all learned and shared new information.

We are using this blog to answer questions that came up during the seminar. Because we had so many great questions, it will take us a few entry blogs to answer them all in a satisfactory manner.

You are welcome to read through past entries on this blog. There is a great deal of helpful information from a past seminar here already. We encourage you to share this blog with anyone you wish. Lastly you are invited to come back and bring your friends and family members to our next seminar on Saturday, April 3. Some of the information will be the same and some may be different so please join us.

If you register to follow this blog, you will automatically receive notification of updates (click on the "follow" link on the right. If you have follow up questions or comments, please click on the comment link below this entry to post.

We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2010. To your health.

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