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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Food Can and Does Heal - Part 2

Here are the specifics of what mom and I did to help her heal the arthritis. It was really just a formula of subtracting the inflammatory foods and adding foods and supplements that would help her heal. As I mentioned, we subtracted: caffeine, refined flour, refined sugars, dairy and all meats. We added the following supplements daily: MSM crystals (not pills), glucosamine sulfate, and alfalfa pills (to absorb the toxicity in the joints.) We followed the meal plans from the book (There Is A Cure for Arthritis) pretty closely. We used only fresh ingredients, nothing canned. She followed this nutrition plan for a year, including the monthly three-day fasts. I followed the plan with her for three months. My mom began feeling significant relief from pain and stiffness after three months. I started feeling much more energetic and lighter in my abdominal area. The plan is very straight forward. The tough part, for us, was leaving the substances we were, quite literally, addicted to. It was hard to leave coffee. Both of us had been drinking it for decades. We are both fans of chocolate and all types of sweets, pastries and the like, so around the holidays, it became very tough say no, but we relied a lot on each other and on PRAYER for encouragement and for those needed reminders that the immediate satisfaction was not worth our long term goal of beating the arthritis. If someone had told me ten years earlier that healing arthritis was possible to do without drugs, I would have been very skeptical; but today I am a firm believer in using food as a first resort to healing. I do have to add that during this year, my mom did not do any additional exercise that what she was accustomed to, which was light walking.

During that year, mom had found a job as a teacher's assistant at a kindergarten. One day she came home ecstatic about being able to use scissors 10 consecutive minutes WITHOUT PAIN! Before our healing journey, she couldn't even hold a pair of scissors. It felt like a miracle to her.

After a year, my mom gradually added back very little turkey, chicken and fish to her diet, but to this day she does not eat beef or pork. She only eats sweets on very special occasions and she eats loads of fresh fruits and veggies. Thank you Dr. Airola and thank God for fresh, nutritious food.

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