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Friday, May 1, 2009

What is wellness anyway?

I started pursuing "wellness" in the late 1990s, thanks to a friend who cared enough to introduce me to various simple ways to detox and clean up my nutrition; and also thanks to an ayurvedic doctor who shared with me as much information on health and ayurveda as I could process. Since then, I have been on just about every point of the health spectrum; swinging the pendulum from being a fast food junkie (even though I knew what I was doing to myself) to being on a strict raw vegan diet for almost three months. Now that I have learned much more about wellness through my chiropractor hubby, my definition of wellness has crystalized as follows: I continue to improve areas of my life that are well by using techniques that have proven effective for me, while I nurture and help heal the areas that are in pain or suffering. In other words, I don't sit idle until I am in pain, I proactively listen to my body, my thoughts and my spirit to prevent disease or pain. The reality....easier said than done! But I believe that my philosophy has worked for my relationships (keeping them honest and healthy) and it allowed me two peaceful, beautiful births.
I believe that everyone defines wellness for themselves even if they have not consciously put it down on paper (or a blog). Sometimes wellness does not include health, it may just mean contentment and acceptance of situations we cannot change. Being conscious of what wellness means is the first part of finding it; taking deliberate steps to achieve wellness is part 2.

So here is my one deliberate step. Go to bed by 10pm and be up by 6am. Let's see how it goes.

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